Friday, March 12, 2010

Sassy Seva Sisters~giving back to women & children in need

Sassy Seva Sisters~a Group of women brought together to support women & children.

15 years ago when I found myself flattened by mother earth as a result of a pathetic attempt to survive, I made a commitment to myself to pass on the empowerment that my mother and mentor offered me in this time of need. Every time I offered to pay my mentor for the help, she would repeat "when you are ready, you will offer this to another woman in need".
The very philosophy that supported me picking myself up off the earth is what I am offering through the SASSY SEVA SISTERS.

In order to change the world we must educate our children about self empowerment and respect first for themselves and then in turn for all beings. In order to reach the children we also need to reach the women by encouraging self respect and empowerment. I begin this work by offering a village of women that wish to support the empowerment of women and children through the arts, music and movement.

SASSY SEVA SISTERS will have a monthly offering. This month, we collected blankets and old yoga mats to auction off. The money goes to Becky's House (supporting women overcoming abuse). The blankets and mats will go to those that are still seeping on the streets.

So many blankets and mats were donated and SOLD at the Grand Opening of Nature's Whisper Yoga Studio! Thank you to all those who donated and purchased for this offering. We still have 14 blankets & 14 mats to sell at $20 (or more) each. To donate, please click here
Your support is appreciated!

April: SASSY SEVA SISTERS Clothing Swap. Bring all your gently used clothing to the clothing swap and we will deliver the remaining clothes to Becky's House. Keep in mind that they need professional clothing so that they may interview for jobs as they set up their new lives. Childrens clothes welcome. Monday, April 19th 6pm-8pm

May: SASSY SEVA SISTERS will be headed up by Nature's Whisper School of Yoga's Graduating class to benefit Monarch School on May 16th 1-4pm

Monthly offerings will be listed in the Nature's Whisper Newsletter, here on this blog, on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to be a SASSY SEVA SISTER, please contact me directly at

Much love & Namaste

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