Monday, September 23, 2013

The History behind The Unconventional Yogini 200 hour Yeacher Training

As I prepare to enter my 15th year of teaching 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, I would like to share the story of what drives my passion to teach Teacher Trainings. I take much ownership in the small numbers and interview process that we hold in high regard at Nature's Whisper. We are not prepared to crank out teachers for the sake of money or ego, yet we purposefully keep our trainings small and with high integrity of what the path of a teacher and practitioner of life really is.......... 

~The Unconventional Yogini, 100 hours: Before You Step on the Mat and 100 hours: Teaching Your Authentic Path

May all beings who need and desire this training find their way here!

The Unconventional Yogini

The Unconventional Yogini began in 1994 before the inception Nature’s Whisper Yoga .
It really began March 4th, 1968 the day Jolie Cash was born. But the path
wasn’t revealed in consciousness until 1994 when the director of Nature’s
Whisper Yoga found herself flattened to the earth by low self esteem, drug use and
self sabotage. It was these neurosis’ that lead to attacks of anxiety that
ultimately lead to what western medicine called a nervous breakdown resulting in “craziness”.
It was through the practices that will be set forth in this training, that the balance and
understanding of energy in the body came to fruition. It was the fruits of this path
that lead Jolie to the desire to share this path, the unconventional way of a yogini,
of how to live in a conventional world.

The Unconventional Yogini is a path of awakening the true self in a way that is
not so “normal” to the standards of most spiritual seekers. It is of the Tantric
school that explains, everything we experience in life is the path to enlightenment.
There is no wrong turn. Some paths may lead to forks in the road that will take a
while longer or may be a bit rockier than the other. The Unconventional Yogini teaches
the understanding that all paths lead us to the divine self, and with that recognized,
 a right to live who we are in the most authentic way.

The Unconventional Yogini is the path of discovery of the authentic self. It is a
path of  understanding that not all beings may be ready for the unusual way in which we
recognize ourselves. It is the path of acceptance into the way that things are even
when they seem dark and “wrong”. The Unconventional Yogini is not a fix to
anything wrong. It is a recollection of who we are and the connection to the energy
in our physical bodies which leads us to the ultimate connection to the divine.
It is the vehicle to tap into the connection of that divine on this earth while we are
occupying our physical body and through our intuition we hear the divine guidance
loud and clear. It is only when we clear those channels that we may hear that guidance.
The Unconventional Yogini is a physical path of opening the heart, body and mind
so that we may become a clear vehicle and through that clarity we may lead others
to the light of spirituality. It is through the light that we all will recognize and accept
the dark with as much beauty as we see the light.

The Unconventional Yogini is ultimately a path of true love, acceptance, recognition        
and receptivity of our most authentic self, the good the bad and the dirty.


In love and juicy adventures.
Jolie Cash
director, Nature's Whisper School of Yoga