Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The art of Listening for Nature's Whisper~Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

As I lay in my very first yoga class ever, I found my mind racing. And as I relaxed my mind into the sound of the teachers voice and the rhythm of my breath I began to feel the expansion of fear in my throat followed by a well of tears that never seemed to end for the next three months. Once I began to make it through a yoga class without tears, I then wondered what was going wrong? Why was I no longer feeling this overwhelming sense of relief from pain, fear and discomfort that had embodied me for so long? Where was this pain now? Why was yoga no longer working.

I began to research the body deeply on the physical, spiritual and energetic level. I came across the cellular respiration in a biology class that seemed to begin to bring it all together. It made perfect sense! All these years of pain collecting in every cell of my body, all the moments of fear residual riding the cell to the next level of memory recollection and all the moments of discomfort that my body stored away so that in that one moment of release, I would recollect its truth, reschedule it to a space of happiness, balance and ease and place it back into the next cell for moving forward in life with joy!

I began to meditate on the possibilities of changing the DNA. If we can change our cells to have negative energy, then surely it is possible to mutate it back in the other direction, no? YES! I believe this is possible. I began to find that truth through positive speech to myself, positive affirmations. To that place in the mind that had the power. That is where I wanted to be so my body would follow. I wanted a straight forward way to see that right in front of me. Of course that doesn't happen, and so my workshop, later turned Yoga Teacher Training, Listening for Nature's Whisper was born. The path of Listening for Nature's Whisper is a powerful path because when you are still enough, quiet enough and willing enough, the divine speaks through you and the truth of your path, healthy body and sane mind becomes the way of who you are meant to be in this moment and life.

Join me in the journey of recollection of your true balanced self and obtain the power through postures, breath, the wisdom of the nervous system and stillness of the mind to clearly hear Nature's Whisper. From this clear space you will fully embody the wisdom to carry forward your passion at a deeper level to others.

Listening for Nature's Whisper~Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is a 100 hour course and is open to current yoga teachers seeking deeper knowledge and certification.The training consists of 100 hours over a 3 month period designed to provide space for growth and integration. The ONE weekend a month “intensives” encourages deeper studies and offers self study for practicum. Each “Intensive” will be dedicated to an area of yogic practices which form a mandala of wisdom, intuition, knowledge and experience at the deepest levels of the body, spirit and mind as well as methodology and anatomy. 100 hours of study will be applicable to 500 hour certification.
Three weekends ~ 100 hours
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm
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Jolie Cash, is the founder, director and senior teacher of Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga  Jolie is a certified with Tantra Yoga International at the 500 hour level and has over 2,000 + hours of training far exceeding the standards and requirements of National Registration agencies. Jolie is also the founder of Nature’s Whisper Natural Herb products and Hot Mama Yoga. She is committed to the empowerment of all beings through the teachings of authenticity and using all of life’s lessons & pleasures for spiritual growth.
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