Saturday, October 17, 2015

Releasing the Poisons

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Well I made it back this month to write again. Kind of proud of myself and really letting go of beating myself up because I am actually 2 days late on my goal for my newsletter. I have been experiencing quite a bit of the whole beating myself up bit lately. Its amazing how the mind works. And after all these years of me really paying attention to my mind, meditating, positive affirmations, etc,  I find it fascinating that I am not a pure form of perfection. Sheesh! why not?
Poison! That's why! I am currently on day 20 of no sugar in my diet. And in the light of being my true authentic self these days, let me clarify, no processed sugar. I am still eating fruit and have had one taste of honey because, well.......I seriously thought I might die! Good news is, I didn't.  Who knew?
All those people who keep saying it gets easier after 4 or 5 days......WHATEVER! No it doesn't and I am here to tell you it is possible, but there has been nothing easy about this. It has been torture from the moment I wake up until the moment I deprive myself of ice cream and go to bed. YES! you read that right. I am living a life of ice cream deprivation. But here is the best part, I am only deprived in my mind.
When I really check in, I am feeling awesome, my joints are better than ever and my, eh hem.....bowel movements are superb if I may say so myself. TMI? maybe but we all do it and it is the foundation to a healthy body. So if you aren't watching your movements daily, you best start! They are your number one "tell all" to how you are living life on the inside. But I digress.  My issue is the mind. It is so crazy that one simple injection of poison in my body can poison my mind for years. It is all I think about. "I AM NOT HAVING SUGAR....OH MY GOD!" So I actually have to stop every single meal (I eat 5 a day) and wrap my head around the fact that I will consciously consume this beautiful food and after, I will release the temptation to sooth my craving with another conscious positive thought instead of feed the poison in my mind with something actually sweet. And this is another part of the puzzle, on a physical level I know my body is missing something because I crave sugar after every meal. WAIT! don't tell me because I already know. I have been told a gazillion times by my midwife, nutritionists and all the other healers I have worked with in my years of nutritional healing. And, because this is the beauty of my sadhana around sugar. I am going deeper, I am figuring out all that I need to know in the exact right times. I am reminiscent of all the times I have rebelled the talk around sugar. Even ignoring that it may very well be the single most thing that took my mothers life by stomach cancer. That and her negative mind around food, eating and dieting. She was an amazing teacher of these things and I learned well. She knew this and shared a deeper wisdom of beauty upon her departing this earth that has allowed me to be the healthy woman I am today.

So today I sit in my darkness. Don't worry about coming to find me. I know the way out, it is near the light of the divine that was placed in me BY the divine through all the women who have stood before me. They guide me to the divine nature within myself that keeps me connected to the great spirit. The plan is laid out in front of me and allows me to rebel when I need deeper lessons. It also allows me to surface when I need a different perspective or to take refuge. I embody this space I am in and vow to do it not just for my own sugar addiction but for all beings that they may feel safe knowing that just maybe one brave soul has gone before them. It may be releasing the poisons from the mind, of sugar, body image, drug use or abuse on any level. It will be safe because I can say, I will hold you when you surface. I am here. I know the feeling and I will share in your darkness AND in your light. I will hold you sweet one so you too will feel safe and understand the divine light that much more.

So I am here to walk this labyrinth with you. I am walking it now and have walked it many times before. Just like those who are holding me, trusting me and my wisdom, I too trust you and your wisdom.
I honor you. I am grateful for this time together as we release the poisons placed upon us in unconscious moments where we knew no better or chose to turn away to the understanding of the wisdom. I am honored that you hear my words and allow me to share in my darkest lessons as I release my ego in many forms, moving through so many dark parts of my self and finding deeper connections to my true beauty as a woman without ego.

The veil to those who have stood before me is thinning once more.

What poisons are you looking to release from your body?
What poisons are you looking to release from your life?

May you step into the darkness of your poisons, transforming them to the most beautiful self you know. You are supported!

May you be blessed with the container to love yourself first
so you may better care for others.

I invite you to join me on the mat or in the red tent soon!
Much love & Namaste
Jolie Cash, director NWSY
I'd love to connect more often. So many places these days, its tiring isn't it? I do my best to stay present and still stay connected.
Join me if you will.
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 Here is a chant for the new moon this month that I had the honor of being a part of. Please check it out. It is a chant to Laxmi, the goddess of abundance. May you be abundant in all you do!
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Thoughts from the Stephanie Rosenblatt for Nature's Whisper Yoga

Preparing the mind for stillness
Why I do a morning sadhana
by Stephani Rosenblatt

I always felt a longing for a dedicated spiritual practice, and even though I had practiced yoga for 10 years, I still didn’t understand what it was to meditate or find stillness. It finally became clear for me when I started a daily practice, or a sadhana as it is called in yoga.

It started out with a simple premise, I would do “yoga” everyday for 40 days and witness what happened as a result. Be it in a studio class, at home or in the wild, it all counted and it didn’t matter what the length of time was.

I choose 40 days because it is said in yoga that it is the length of time needed to break a bad habit. 90 days is needed to establish a new habit, 120 days will confirm the new habit and in 1000 days you will master the new habit.

Sure enough 40 days lead to more, and with the encouragement of a beloved teacher I pondered if I could make this a part of my life every day. Fast-forward to new years day 2014, after 6 months of yoga everyday, I committed to the only new years resolution I have ever kept. I resolved to do my practice, or my sadhana everyday for the entire 365 days of the year. It wasn’t an easy year, I went to India and fell so sick, that the most I could do was listen to a 5-minute healing mantra for a couple weeks, but it counted. There were many days I didn’t do my practice until right before bed and had to wake up the next morning and do it all again.

I haven’t quite made it too 1000 days of sadhana yet, but I’ll let you know what fantastical powers I acquire when I do ;) I’m 913 days in, and I can tell you that I know without a single doubt that what prepares the mind for stillness, is sitting in stillness everyday. What prepares the body for stillness is the yoga asana, or postures we practice so that we might drop into those moments where the body and breath are one. When the body and breath are one we find moments where the mind stills and we connect inward to our deepest desire and potential.

I hope you will join me at 6:30am on Tuesday mornings where we get the chance to do our sadhana in community. We prepare the body and breath to unify with asana so that we might sit in stillness before we start the day. Cultivate your inner radiance with pranayama and meditation, and maybe, just maybe, you might consider 1000 days (or more) of sadhana too.