Monday, October 15, 2012

Always a full house at Hot Mama Prenatal Yoga
Look how we have grown!

As we near our 3rd full year in business I am reflecting on the beauty of our growth not just as a yoga studio but as a community. As a collective group of amazing women and men that have come together to share in their love and passion of healthy loving, birthing, parenting and lifestyle.

We started out as a studio with intention of offering yoga for all who desired this sacred space and the teachings along with the support of the family starting with birth. World Peace begins in the wOMb was the mantra. We offered a couple prenatal and mom & baby clasess because I know that is the foundation for bringing that mantra to fruition. And for reason unknown to me at the time, we began to grow as a prenatal studio. The women started coming from all over, to receive the teachings of what it means to have a natural, empowered, and if choosing medication, an informed birth. Read my article on  "World Peace Begins in the wOMb

As I began to study the progress and the theme that was bringing these beautiful women and families to the studio, I realized, as always this was the work of the divine. If you read my earlier post featured A Journey Toward Opening you will see that I was guided to this beautiful space as I surrendered to what the plan was supposed to be, not what I wanted it to be. Upon further exploration, I began to understand the direction in which my physical studio faces (west, that of the mother, the water, feminine, fluidity) and that the direct view east (the tradition direction to face while practicing yoga) was that of Cowles Mountain (an indiginious birthing mountain to our area). So with that understanding we went from having 2 prenatal, 1 mom & baby and 3 childcare classes a week to over 27 classes a week including 5 mom & baby, over doubled our child care hours and all classes are prenatal accommodated + family yoga now on Sunday's, the family day! Our studio is currently undergoing expansion physically as well as a new website that is under construction. This is amazing growth that I never expected in such a short period of time.

I first give all thanks and praise to the guidance of the divine and to my ever present desire to only follow what the divine has to offer me so that I may offer to others. I also give credit to those whom I surround myself with. The amazing group of women and men who have decided to also trust the path and share their love and talents with this community. I also place a large amount of the success with the companies that I choose to partner with. When I talk about community, I mean community!

We are very enthusiastic for this Autumn and  the launch of so many new and exciting programs. We have workshops to support some of our sponsors and products as well as exciting contests with giveaways that you could never imagine to be true. What would you most desire to WIN as a baby product?

New Mama welcome goodie bags
One of our newest programs that we are also passionate about and has already shown much success for those who have participated, is our Hot Mama Yoga New Mama goodie bags. Our intention for launching the sought after New Mama goodie bag was that we had so much information to offer, from placenta encapsulation, to prenatal massage, birth photography, chiropractic care, doulas, etc. We decided that since we couldn't inform the mamas of all this information at once at the end of a class, we would give it to them to review at their own leisure. And there it was! The Hot Mama Yoga New Mama goodie bag was born! Our practitioners and vendors are already seeing an increase in their business from the referrals just after 1 month of distribution. This makes me so happy for the mamas to have this information from these vendors that are Hot Mama approved!

I look forward to much more time spent with each one of you. To broader relationships with baby and family friendly products so that we may further educate and support the growing families in our community. I look forward to seeing you all in class and at our special functions where you too can receive the benefits of not just yoga but of our loving, growing community.
Much love & Namaste