Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Journey Toward Opening!

As I took my first walk through this building, the landlord shared with me the history of the space. Built in 1895 by a man that owned a soda fountain hardware store below and lived upstairs. A live/work space from the very first intention!

The walls spoke to me that this building was special. With each unveiling of new areas showed more and more character that would support the vision of me opening this studio. The walls needed to come down and the floors, a solid foundation, just needed a little love and attention, much like walls & foundations in our bodies and life.

We painted the walls with ECO friendly paint just as I would adorn my own
body with organic products.

We refinished the floors by taking off the old layer and laying a shiny new foundation just as I would purify my own body in surya namaskara (sun salutations).

I selected flowers and decor that would attract that special being just like the sparkle in my eye after a powerful pranayama (breathing) practice would draw a lover closer.

I open this space just as I open my heart to you!

Please come and offer to this building all that no longer serves you and allow it to be your
teacher of transforming negative emotions & habits.

Come celebrate with me the opening of our bodies, hearts and minds.
Join me on this journey toward opening to your authentic self!

Much love & Namaste

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