Friday, March 19, 2010

Honoring the crones in our life

There was a bitchy ol crone in line behind me at the local Hardware store (NOT Home Depot) I had mean thoughts toward her because she was just so nasty! When I left I felt badly for not sending her love instead. Then I came home to a post of a Facebook friend (whom I have not met) that lost her great grandmother at 101yrs old.

This is the advice her granny gave her: (a re-post honoring her passing yesterday)
"Always be aware of others and your surroundings."
"Be prepared, in whatever you choose to do and to do it well."
"Be humble."
"Love one another."
"Reach for the stars. Never be satisfied with the mediocre."
"Learn just one new thing each day and you will stay young forever."
"Time is precious and elusive. Waste it not."

Our crones are wise! I wish to not be nasty when I am a crone. Instead I want to share my wisdom like Cathy's Granny.


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