Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The process of bringing the vision life

If someone would have told me 15 years ago it was going to take 15 years to get where I am today, I would have gone ahead with the plan of offing myself. Instead, I took the place of pathetic child with no self esteem and some unknown lack of desire to get out of bed each morning. Well, here I am 15 years later and making a difference but not really in the way I thought possible.

Along the way, I became a yoga teacher, because spirit gave me no choice. I hit the earth in a downward spiral to be picked up and literally shown a sign to yoga. Literally! A sign on a building that said "YOGA". So I figured what did I have to lose. Life pretty much sucked as it was, yoga couldn't be any worse. So I did it. I took the class and remembered thinking in the first 5 minutes how annoyed I was that I wore the wrong outfit. By pose 3, I was in tears and that didn't end until I was lying in svasana thinking to myself, WOW! and this is good for you?

Next thing I know I am teaching a final exam to become a teacher and I don't remember a single thing that came out of my mouth. Spirit guided that class that night as I just allowed as a good vessel does. I was unaware at the moment, but when class ended, I didn't really know what had happened, or at least how to explain what had happened.
Being an entrepreneur, it was nearly impossible for me to do anything without creating a business around it. Back then yoga wasn't quite the business it is today and it took a lot of focus to make it happen. And there it was the start of Nature's Whisper Yoga.

NWSY has a deep focus and commitment to the empowerment of all beings through the teachings of authenticity and using all of life's lessons & pleasures for spiritual growth. Today Nature's Whisper Yoga has taken on the form of a school. Nature's Whisper School of Yoga consists of 3 levels of learning:
~the inspired practitioner: offering group classes, workshops & retreats.

~the serious student: offering Yogic Life Coaching, Life Trainings, 200 hour yoga teacher Trainings & Business of Yoga Mentoring.
~the professional teacher: offering additional trainings to accomplish 500 hour credentials & Mentoring Teacher Certification.

NWSY has focus on the empowerment of women and children & believes that world peace begins in the womb. In order to make this belief a reality, NWSY founded Sassy Seva Sisters, the philanthropic division of the school. SSS is currently awaiting its non-profit status and supports womens shelters, homeless schools, homeless in San Diego and local families in need.

Jolie is an advocate for natural birth, attachment parenting and co-sleeping as tools for empowering our youth. From this advocacy, Hot Mama Yoga, Buddha Baby Yoga, Vinyasa Mama Yoga, Mommie Time Yoga with Kids Space and Rug Rat Yoga were born as important programs in the curriculum at Nature's Whisper Studio in University Heights, San Diego. All forms of introducing and sharing Yoga with children whether in the belly or in arms. NWSY is the first Yoga Studio in San Diego to offer a space for children to indulge in yogic play while their mom (or dad) practices yoga in the next room.

Jolie's mission, which has been adopted by NWSY, is to hold the space and facilitate the opening of the body, heart and mind so as one, we may move forward in life without obstruction and become a filter for others to see the light of spirituality.

It has been through vision and passion that this has all come to life. The vision continues to grow and shape shift to accommodate the needs and desires of the community. I invite you to join our growing community.

Jolie Cash
founder Nature's Whisper and Hot Mama Yoga
director Nature's Whisper School of Yoga
President Sassy Seva Sisters

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Mama Yoga YTT~What it's all about

“Hot Mama Yoga is about empowering woman, their changing bodies, and through them, their partners and children. By empowering woman in their bodies during the most important time of their life, I feel that I can bring the consciousness back to the support of the sisterhood. Hot Mama Yoga is about bringing women back to the source of spiritual experiences through pregnancy and birth.

A time in life that has been forgotten where women support women, where women sit in circles of women and remind each other of themselves when they forget. “ ~Jolie Cash

Hot Mama Yoga began with Jolie’s vision of empowering the children. Jolie believes that world peace begins in the womb and in order to reach the children, Jolie began with the women as the main caretakers. Jolie also believes that all women deserve an empowered birth and through the understanding of their body and the energy that moves through them, that they can have a natural empowered spiritual experience through their birth.

Jolie's teaching focus is on the integration of wisdom and intuition, in order to release the old to make room for the new. The process of birth as a right of passage is a beautiful expression of this. She teaches a fluid style of yoga creating a garland of postures with the breath and sound. Prenatal classes include the use of sound as a way to connect the perineum with the palette as a main flow of energy in the birthing process (or the jaw with the hips for a more physical approach). By sharing sound with movement in a sacred space, the women become less inhibited during the birth process and more willing to follow their body along with the baby through the process.

Just as Hot Mama Yoga focuses on supporting pregnant woman as they venture into the right of passage of becoming a mother, Buddha Baby Yoga (postnatal with baby) shares the qualities of yoga for awareness of moms new body as well as bringing awareness to mom about baby through infant massage, mom and baby partner poses such as baby flips. Hot Mama Buddha Baby yoga supports the changing female body and encourages playgroups as an outlet for connecting with other mothers.

Jolie Cash, the director of Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga, the home of Hot Mama Yoga, is a DOULA (labor and birth support) that believes in natural birth, the experience of "natural" right of passage and supporting birth choices. Many of Jolie’s Hot Mama’s refer to her as the “Baby Whisperer” for her natural and intuitive ability to soothe a fussy baby. Jolie loves to focus on the digestion of a new baby and to share with the Mama’s ways of relieving an uncomfortable infant through baby massage, movement & nutritional support ideas.

Jolie’s mission is to hold the space and facilitate the opening of the body, heart and mind so as one, we may move forward in life without obstruction and become a filter for others to see the light of spirituality.

When Jolie isn’t teaching Hot Mama & Buddha Baby Yoga, she is training others how to teach yoga. She is a natural birth advocate, an author, inspiration speaker of empowering women and all around baby lover. Jolie also teaches regular workshops, Teacher Trainings

and retreats throughout the United States.

Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga is located at 4205 Park Blvd, San Diego. For complete class schedule and studio details visit www.natureswhisper.com. To contact Jolie directly about the upcoming Hot Mama Yoga Teacher Training, or to book her for an event at your location, you may contact Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga at yoga@joliecash.com

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vinyasa Mama

Vinyasa Mama, a time of practice set aside for the attachment parenting kind!

Veronica & baby Ilo will lead you through an all levels Vinyasa Flow class offering up the spaciousness to tend to your child if needed. This class is mama focused, unlike Buddha Baby Yoga (mom & baby yoga), but children of all stages are welcome to attend.

Worried that your child wil be too much of a distraction for your yoga practice? Perfect! Use this time as practice for life. Life as a mother can throw many distractions your way, so what better way than to work them out on the mat with the support of a loving mother herself!

Veronica, a new mother to a magical and lovable baby boy, Ilo, strives to synthesize her passion for yoga and cultivating peace with nurturing her child, a synthesis she is thrilled to be working towards. When Veronica is off the mat, besides being a mama, She loves to travel & nourish inner, interpersonal and international peace through their writing. Veronica has worked with local teenage girls through photographic narrative camps and finds passion in teaching yoga to at-risk youth. Most recently, while in Sierra Leone, she had the opportunity to facilitate yoga with at-risk youth in Freetown. She is also one smart cookie! Veronica graduated summa cum laude with All College Honors, obtaining her B.A. in both Psychology and Philosophy as well as graduating from the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace and Justice Studies as a Gandhi Fellow to earn her M.A.

Join Veronica and Baby Ilo for a peaceful time of focus and fire with Vinyasa Mama Yoga while finding that inner peace within your mama-hood!

Vinyasa Mama Yoga with Veronica & Baby Ilo every Tuesday 9:15-10:30am
Starts September 20th

Daddy's Welcome

Brent & Thea

Because sometimes
Vinyasa Daddy is just
better than Kids Space!

Not interested in practicing with your child on the mat, then try
Mommy Time Yoga on Wednesday's & Friday's 9:30-10:45am
with Kids Space
for the children to "play" yoga while you enjoy your practice in the next room.

There! now you have no excuse not to indulge in your practice of yoga.