Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ashley Finally Graduates!

Ashley Llano~Nature's Whispers newest graduate!

The first weekend into the training, a Bhakti Yoga Module (devotional yoga) and Ashley conceives! Something about those offerings to Shiva, the masculine, the creator (and destroyer) of energy, that can bring on devotion to the lover..........

Ashley already has 2 little ones and to her delight, baby number 3 was on his way. But not before she finishes a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Let me clarify "Finishes" as in the hours attended. The OMwork? Now that's another story.

A few months later, Ashley called to ask if she promised to finish her OMwork, would I allow her to attend an advance training on teaching Hot Mama prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga. Of course! How does one say no to such devotion. Remember the Shiva thing. The only confusion on my part, was the lack of question (or was it the desire to not know?) as to WHEN that OMwork was going to be completed. Honestly, I didnt really care because I knew she was a natural born teacher and quite honestly, I knew my training wouldn't be the same without her, nor would the experience of the others had they not had Ashleys humor, quick wit and ability to withstand fierce devotion to the task at hand. She balanced the training(s) as well as her husband, 2 children, a pregnancy plus a family business, even if it was monkey business. Beside my own trust and understanding of her process, I could see her own trust and HER understanding of her process.
So 1- 1/2 years later, 2 trainings later, many optional hours of monitoring my classes, student teaching public classes and a healthy baby boy, Ashley completed her forever dreaded task of completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training. In her words, "Once I put it to the task, it wasn't even that hard."
Her work was superb, she kept her eye on the prize even if it meant that she had 3 babies hanging off her legs between each paragraph of the carefully constructed commentary on the yoga sutras, or the making of snacks in between testing out class plans or the satisfaction she served up her hubby when he got home from a long day at the office.

What I see in this completion is Ashley's feirce devotion to becoming a teacher, whether it be on the mat or in the toy box. I see devotion to herself, a challenging accomplishment for a mother, and a desire to step up to the next level simply because she has a passion, a love of herself. A love on so many levels, and I'm not taking just about yoga poses!

Ashley, you inspire me and I am honored to announce that you are a graduate! I am honored to have you as a part of Nature's Whisper School of Yoga and Hot Mama Buddha Baby Yoga. May all who come into your presence be graced with your gifts as I have in these past few years, and then some.

I love you!

Namaste, Jolie