Monday, March 22, 2010

'Nature's Whisper Yoga Studio NOW OPEN in University Heights + NWSY News & Updates!'

March 2010 Newsletter & Event Updates
No matter how many times I edit................
correction: Friday is Prenatal NOT Postnatal at NWSY

'Nature's Whisper Yoga Studio NOW OPEN in University Heights + NWSY News & Updates!'

Enough with the fluff, show your stuff!

I was having lunch with her at Zinc Cafe about 7 years ago. Doing one of my moaning sessions of "why's". She looked at me, my amazing mentor, with her piercing blue eyes that not even the worlds best manipulator, moi, could tell a lie to, and she said..............

"You are holding this bag of jewels, it is the most amazing bag of jewels you would ever imagine and yet you keep them tied up in that fabulous bag that no one can see through. What would happen if you just turned that bag inside out and let all those jewels shine?"

I thought to myself, as I often did, "well I AM!!! I AM showing my jewels, to all those I teach!" As if she read my mind she said, "You are not shining who you REALLY are!"

A short time later I sat in front of a self proclaimed guru, bowed down to her in humility, or so I thought, and she cut through me with similar words. The clarity came to me in that moment. My understanding was, "I know who I am when I am on the mat or on my back. I know how to share my authentic self in making love and in teaching yoga, the two most vulnerable actions in my life. My two deepest offerings I know how to give. Why could I not show who I really was in ALL of my life?"

This question was pondered through many fires. It was not until I realized that ALL of me was not just OK but fabulous, did I RESPECT the opportunity to show who I was. It was not until I found, explored, acted upon and honored my dark nasty, naughty self, did I really give myself permission to be who I really am. It was not until I decided that just because this "dark" part of me exists, it does not write the story of who I strive to be.

The dark side of me has been my survival mechanism and for that I am alive and sharing these words with you today. It was my loving side that could hold the nastiest being, me, in my own arms and tell her that she will be OK on her path! I will be OK in this path! It was not until I realized that by being who I am that I would stop manipulating the world to get what I wanted and instead I would open to the universe to receive what was not only right for me but what was right for all beings. When I open to this, I see the control, I see the lack of trust and for that I surrender deeper into that place, where I used to use manipulation, to find the real journey of my guided way through being who I really am..........................
Sometimes naughty, sometimes hard, sometimes I shut it out, sometimes I eat pizza knowing my stomach will hurt, losing that consciousness that I know even when I know it will keep me "safe". Other times I am fully in my being and power offering all that I have to offer, feeling the pain of others suffering, receiving judgments as a mirror to the accuser that they too may find the truth of who they really are. All the while knowing that no matter what, I am being who I really am.

Let go of the control, ease into that place you might be ashamed of and find out what really ticks beneath all your sweet spiritual regurgitation. Understand who you are by letting the occasional "slip" be alive and OK so that you may do extreme noticing and shift it to a place that serves all beings. Just because we have a dark side does not mean you have to act upon it. But in order to know the balance you must know it exists.

In the Yoga Sutras II-55, Patanjali explains that in order to obtain enlightenment, one must relinquish the senses. Well in order to relinquish the senses, one must know what they are. Get in your body, feel who you are, all of you and only then may you fully be who you REALLY are...................
The good the bad & the dirty, but most likely, a beautiful bag of jewels that shine brighter than you can ever imagine!

From one imperfect being to another.

Find your inner vixen, that pure raw wisdom of being a woman
Sensual Movement
Tuesday's & Thursday's
*women only, no nudity, simply beauty!

Jolie's Full Group Class Schedule here

Friday, March 19, 2010

Honoring the crones in our life

There was a bitchy ol crone in line behind me at the local Hardware store (NOT Home Depot) I had mean thoughts toward her because she was just so nasty! When I left I felt badly for not sending her love instead. Then I came home to a post of a Facebook friend (whom I have not met) that lost her great grandmother at 101yrs old.

This is the advice her granny gave her: (a re-post honoring her passing yesterday)
"Always be aware of others and your surroundings."
"Be prepared, in whatever you choose to do and to do it well."
"Be humble."
"Love one another."
"Reach for the stars. Never be satisfied with the mediocre."
"Learn just one new thing each day and you will stay young forever."
"Time is precious and elusive. Waste it not."

Our crones are wise! I wish to not be nasty when I am a crone. Instead I want to share my wisdom like Cathy's Granny.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Sassy Seva Sisters~giving back to women & children in need

Sassy Seva Sisters~a Group of women brought together to support women & children.

15 years ago when I found myself flattened by mother earth as a result of a pathetic attempt to survive, I made a commitment to myself to pass on the empowerment that my mother and mentor offered me in this time of need. Every time I offered to pay my mentor for the help, she would repeat "when you are ready, you will offer this to another woman in need".
The very philosophy that supported me picking myself up off the earth is what I am offering through the SASSY SEVA SISTERS.

In order to change the world we must educate our children about self empowerment and respect first for themselves and then in turn for all beings. In order to reach the children we also need to reach the women by encouraging self respect and empowerment. I begin this work by offering a village of women that wish to support the empowerment of women and children through the arts, music and movement.

SASSY SEVA SISTERS will have a monthly offering. This month, we collected blankets and old yoga mats to auction off. The money goes to Becky's House (supporting women overcoming abuse). The blankets and mats will go to those that are still seeping on the streets.

So many blankets and mats were donated and SOLD at the Grand Opening of Nature's Whisper Yoga Studio! Thank you to all those who donated and purchased for this offering. We still have 14 blankets & 14 mats to sell at $20 (or more) each. To donate, please click here
Your support is appreciated!

April: SASSY SEVA SISTERS Clothing Swap. Bring all your gently used clothing to the clothing swap and we will deliver the remaining clothes to Becky's House. Keep in mind that they need professional clothing so that they may interview for jobs as they set up their new lives. Childrens clothes welcome. Monday, April 19th 6pm-8pm

May: SASSY SEVA SISTERS will be headed up by Nature's Whisper School of Yoga's Graduating class to benefit Monarch School on May 16th 1-4pm

Monthly offerings will be listed in the Nature's Whisper Newsletter, here on this blog, on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to be a SASSY SEVA SISTER, please contact me directly at

Much love & Namaste

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving your Body with Raw Intuitive Wisdom

Moving your Body with Raw Intuitive Wisdom
Sensual Movement
Tuesday's & Thursday's

When I was about 21 yrs old, my best friend and I decided that we wanted to be the hottest gals on the dance floor so we signed up for the local hip hop classes held by the city parks & rec. Not too soon after the first song began we found ourselves in absolute joy and laughter. Mostly because we were having fun, but also because we kept tripping over each other causing havoc on the other very focused fly girls and boys. Needless to say, we thought it was funny, but the very serious hip hoppers did not.

The teacher gave me a personal visit in the middle of the second song with a not so discreet, unsolicited suggestion that I wear not one, but two sports bras to class in the future. Of course, not taking ourselves too seriously, this was cause for more giggles as I allowed my young perky 36 c's to bounce freely (I actually did have a bra on) In all honesty, it was very funny, but there WAS that place inside of me that shut a little door to my free flowing, dancing self.

We continued to attend class as we were determined to keep up with the brothers in the night clubs. Somewhere into the middle of the session, it was announced that in the following class, Michael Jackson's scouts were coming to class to hopefully pick one of the egotistical, judgmental teacher's favorites for his up and coming new music video. (I say it was for Thriller, Jackie swears it was later than that and insists I stop aging her) Of course we were excited to be in front of a scout, both knowing that we would never be picked. I mean really! we barely got the left and right down, let alone the jump and knee land (or whatever the boobie police called it). At the end of class she approached Jackie and I and recommended that we both be sick the following week. So ok, she wasn't as into our vision of being the hottest on the disco dance floor as we were, we got that, but really? I never attended another dance class again due to another place in my inner dancing deva being sabotaged by her cruel words.

Years later I met and dated this guy that would inevitably embarrass me on the dance floor. He danced so wild and smiled the whole time. He didn't care what others thought and sometimes even smiled off those that pushed him out of their way. When I would refuse to dance with him, it deflated him, understandably. With much conversation and the yogic root opening practices I was so faithfully indulging in, we came to the conclusion that I was shut down in the root and that my dancing was stiff, calculated and pathetic. From that day forward, I did not get taken on dates, he took me on dancing assignments. He would "make" me dance all by myself with my eyes closed in an empty club (we purposefully went to the clubs on the slowest nights for me to exercise the new found energy at the base of my body) Week after week, I found myself much more relaxed and the idea that someone was watching and judging my bouncing boobies soon fell away.

My process of finding the energy in my body never stops. I am constantly finding new ways to experience this overwhelming, inner expression of who I really am. My most recent loves have been burlesque, strip tease and pole dancing. (I haven't made a dime, so get back to my story now!) What I have found through these amazing movements is that there is a whole other side to who I am that exists within my being. In the past I have understood her as my dark side in relating. Not necessarily bad, just not the sweetness and honey that one might think. In the movement of Raw Intuitive Expression, it is more about that inner vixen. The one who today may be sweet and tomorrow may take control. It is about her inner self doing just for her, not for any man, not for any boobie police, simply moving and expressing HER for who she is in THAT moment. She might feel shy tonight or she might want all the attention. She might even need to shed a tear or dance out the days frustration or the memory in her body of a pain leftover from a lover. Whoever she is and however she decides to show up is exactly how and when she is supposed to arrive!

I am very enthusiastic to hold a space for yet another way to open up your body heart and mind in a true raw expression of your most authentic self allowing her to arrive any way she desires!

LADIES, this one is ONLY for you!
Come and enjoy a safe nurturing environment where the lights are low and red, where the velvet and feathers surround you and where your inner vixen shows her true authentic self.

Sensual Movement~Raw Intuitive Wisdom
Tuesday's & Thursday's

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Journey Toward Opening!

As I took my first walk through this building, the landlord shared with me the history of the space. Built in 1895 by a man that owned a soda fountain hardware store below and lived upstairs. A live/work space from the very first intention!

The walls spoke to me that this building was special. With each unveiling of new areas showed more and more character that would support the vision of me opening this studio. The walls needed to come down and the floors, a solid foundation, just needed a little love and attention, much like walls & foundations in our bodies and life.

We painted the walls with ECO friendly paint just as I would adorn my own
body with organic products.

We refinished the floors by taking off the old layer and laying a shiny new foundation just as I would purify my own body in surya namaskara (sun salutations).

I selected flowers and decor that would attract that special being just like the sparkle in my eye after a powerful pranayama (breathing) practice would draw a lover closer.

I open this space just as I open my heart to you!

Please come and offer to this building all that no longer serves you and allow it to be your
teacher of transforming negative emotions & habits.

Come celebrate with me the opening of our bodies, hearts and minds.
Join me on this journey toward opening to your authentic self!

Much love & Namaste