Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December. The last month of the year, a time for rushed days and chilly nights. The time when no matter how conscious you are all year, some sort of old way slips in, a time when consumption overloads consciousness.

I personally feel like December presents me with many challenges to remain on my path and I accept that as a gift. A gift of that dark side I always talk about. If December (the holidays to be specific) didn't offer all these challenging moments then we may not appreciate the New Year ahead of us.

Last year I chose to take a different approach in the month of December. I chose December as the time to reflect on the past year and to write my proclaimations for the coming year instead of waiting for the New Year like I always did. It served me well. Well until the end of this year when I recognized that I failed to hold true to most of my proclaimations. For this I am not sad yet I am proud! The fact that not a day went by that I was not aware of my promises to myself, kept me in the space of acting as a better woman. I may not have been perfect all year, but I sure did make effort and succeeded in many areas. So needless to say I give myself an "A" for effort in the year of 2011.

December. A time to move inward and renegotiate the way you move forward in life. May you move forward in 2012 being true to yourself, better toward others and may you start and end the year with effort leading to ease in all that you do.

May all beings who need and desire this sacred space find their way here!

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I am signing off this year with my very full report card for 2011 with straight A's! Come on in for a class, workshop or free group and let me put a few A's on your card because I think you too are worth the effort!

In peace, love, juiciness & holiday ease

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