Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lovers Love Love~Unconventional Yogini

Bullet Points from my book: Unconventional Yogini. This chapter is called~Lovers love love.

They are not directly related to love relationships of the man and woman kind but of the human kind and un-kind. Here are a few things I have learned and find to be true.........and a few things I have learned and want to be true........

~It is OK to love even when you are not loved back

~ Staying open in love during times of pain is only painful if you do not stay open

~ Even exchange of energy is balance but balance is not always evenly exchanged

~ Friends are more important than money but not all friends understand this concept

~ To attract polarity in relationship you must actually permeate the opposite

~ I heard an "expert" say that happiness was a learned behaviour but I know that it is my true nature

~To stay juicy in your life you must be juicy in your body

~ To search for fulfillment is selfish, to remain open and a clear channel for others is boundless love

~ When I am not true to myself, it actually hurts those I love more than me

~ To be lonely is a victim, to be longing is a lover

~ All beings in my life are the mirror to my neurosis

~ Manipulation drives in the fast lane and exits at the opposite of what I desire and deserve

~ Just because it hurt then, doesn't mean it has to hurt now

~ Expectations are predetermined resentments

~ Patience is not a virtue, it is a necessity~divine timing

~ Love is not something you do, it is something you are

~ The true meaning of love is to be in love with all things at all times

I offer up to you, in this moment, some words that have come from my own personal practice and from the gift of sharing with you, dedicated practioners. This concept is from a portion of my book in progress, An Unconventional Yogini in a Conventional World.

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