Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fresh Life & Short Skirts

Happy Spring!
A Scottish boyfriend of mine would share with me about the excitement of him and all his friends when Spring would hit the chilled hills of Glasgow. His recollection was that the girls would let their hair flow, they would take their tights off and bare their legs and the skirts got shorter. The joy in his eyes was that still of his 17 year old recollection. I loved hearing that story because that is what Spring is all about. The fresh newness of life! Spring is such an amazing time of the year. People get happier, more open to change and lots of babies get made. (And yes! Probably because skirts get shorter! I know I have a lot of pregnant women in my studio these days.) I also love the confirmation of the power of women in his story. It was as if he waited the whole winter to sprout once he saw the beautiful girl un-cloak herself of the winter darkness. And she WAS his fresh life!

The beauty of the power of woman! And the sadness of how simple it is given away. To a lover, to work, to the opinions of others. This is my passion. First and foremost to not give my own power away. My life's work, through the mirror of my own self awareness and self love, is to facilitate the awakening of the power of woman within her. Whoever she is and whenever she shows up on my door step to receive. My door is always open and this is a calling card to awaken your most powerful authentic self.

With love from the depth of my Power.

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